Five Stars

“It’s not popular cuz the place looked nice or the barbers are great at talking…it’s popular cuz they put out good fades/cuts.

Here’s a tip, the entrace is located on Gerrard at the side of the building.

I was desperate for a new barber that knows hair. After a bunch of searches on yelp and google (BlogTo)…I just thought ehat the hell and made a quick appt with Josh D the owner and couldn’t be happier. My cut looked amazing on every angle and my sister told me “it’s the best haircut you’ve had so far”. I go to barbers or hair dressers that charge me over $60 and go home thinking … wow that was a great convo and service…then once I’m home I end up seeing patches of uneven hair or just a mess. This place did not give me none of that sht.

I had enough time to watch the other barbers and they were serious with their fades and cut…I think I found the one rare place in the GTA that has good barbers.”  – RED REBEL

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