Five Stars

“My visits to this barbershop have been full of professionalism and good vibes. First of all, as an introverted, socially anxious person, it’s difficult for me to hold a conversation with strangers, let alone in the middle of a barbershop. RJ was able to read me in that regard, and for the second visit, it was just him performing his impeccable skills. The quality? Stunning. I got the haircut that I had envisioned in my mind, exactly the same, but more polished, more detailed. The fading was so beautifully executed. The work on the beard was also incredible, just as I wanted it to be. It’s really a cute barbershop with a bunch of knowledgeable guys, with real skills. It won’t disappoint you and you may even feel what you’re paying is not much compared. Give it a try.”  – Jose R N C

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